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Measured for IOLs today -17.5D My spectacles were -2.5 Am i over corrected?

I have 2 moderate cataracts. Measured today for IOLs -17.5 in one eye and 17.0 in the other As my spectacles have always been around -2.25 am I being over corrected or would this be a normal measurement?
I'm scared I will see really well far away but not see properly otherwise!
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First of all IOL powers are plus (+) not minus so it would be +17.50      The IOL power is always larger than a glasses RX.   You should discss with your surgeon what the post surgery target uncorrected power is.  read this article carefully:  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1648102/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You  ;
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Thanks for your answer and the above article which I read.  I understand the post surgery target uncorrected power is 0.00 for dominant eye and -1.25 for the other. Yes I meant +17.05D and +17.00. From reading forums I understand 22D is a clear lens so I was surprised that I was 5D below that clear 22D when my specs were -2.25 but maybe that's common?
The IOL power calculation is very complex and involves much more than glasses RX   in fact glasses RX is not really that important. What is important: axial length of eye, axial length of anterior chamber, radius of curviture of cornea and what is called A-constant which is based on the IOL design and if individualized the surgeons collective experience.  So yes it is common.  talk the the surgeon about your desires for vision without glasses. Also ask if the surgeons post operative results are within 0.50 diopters +/- or less of predicted.  The answer should be 'yes'
Thank you Mr. Hagan for that information. I didn't realise that glasses RX wasn't important.
Doctor Hagan and you are welcome
My recent cataract surgery left up needing a contact lens -.75. I am 6 weeks out from surgery. What are the chances this might imorove with more healing. I am very disappointed.
I can only generalize:  With small incision, phacoemulsification surgery (no stitch) and a monofocal IOL in a healthy patient the glasses Rx would not change much more.   At some distances you should be able to see 20/20 without glasses or contacts.
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