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Medical Definitions

Posted by Cheryl on May 28, 1999 at 11:13:42
I keep copies of my medical records due to the fact that Military hospitals tend to lose them.  I am interested in some of the terms used to describe what was seen.  I will spell these as best I can from trying to decipher the doctor's handwriting.
1.  Blonde Fundus, 2.  Intra-retinal heme 3.  Vitreous wisp and Vitreous condensation (two seperate visits) 4. Anatramatic Vessels (not sure about the spelling) 5.  lens opacities, oval & dot "post polar like" 6.  Oval chorioretinal lesions with pigment border.  I think that is all of them.  He made one comment about some of the retinal pigment and put (? lattice-like).  I'm going to assume, he couldn't tell if it was lattice degeneration or not.  Oh, there is one more, "parafoveal anatramoses consistent with vein occlusion".  Couldn't make that one out too well, but that was the closest spelling I could figure out.  All of this is of the right eye and of course I have the ON Coloboma.  Two doctors have said I did have a vein occlusion and two have said I didn't. I was also told by one that the vitreous had detached, but the next one said it had not.
Thanks again for your time.

Posted by HFHS MD - NI on May 28, 1999 at 11:34:08
It is good that you are so interested in your care.
1.  Blonde fundus is describing the amount of pigment in the fundus.  It is common in caucasions.  It is on no concern.
2.  Intraretinal heme.  This is blood in the retina and can be related to your vein occlusion.
3.  Vitrous condensation and wisp.  I am not sure about wisp.  Condensation is an aging related change in the vitreous and is common.
4.  ?anastomotic vessel.  This is where 2 vessels come together and is common in vein occlusions.
5.  Lens opacities refer to early cataracts.  These may or may not be visually significant.
6.  Oval chorioretinal lesion with pigment is like some small scarring in the retina.  There are many potential causes of this and lattice degeneration can be one of them.
It seems like they are taking good through care of you and you should keep following up with them.

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