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Meibomian gland probing

I have been suffering with right orbital pain for the past 2 and a half years all brought on by antidepressants, it's hard to pin point whether the pain is in the eyeball, around the eye or the eyelid it's self as I feel the pain also in the temple, after seeing 2 eye specialists who could not find a problem with my eye I decided last year to visit a dry eye specialist as I thought the issue could be dry eye related as I have suffered with blepharitis

On my first visit the specialist examined my eyes and took an in depth scan of my meibomian glands, which reaveled a slight blockage, he all so noticed the my right eyelid looked slightly 'swollen and red', he then decided to do a trial run of meibomian gland probing on my right eye lid, because he didn't apply any numbing gel to the eye lid as it was only a trial run he said it may hurt a bit, the pain was excruciating, he then suggested I under go a full meibomian gland probing of the right eyelid in the next oppointment which I agreed to

The next appointment came and he started by numbing my right eye with eye drops and then he placed a protective lens over the cornea, he then applied numbing cream to the eye lid, we waited for about 15 minutes for the cream to work, confident I wouldn't feel any pain or at least a bit of pain he proceeded to start the probing, within a second I felt the same excruciating pain I felt from the trial run, I felt every bit of the needle penertrating the glands, it was the worst pain I ever felt, and I had endure it for half and hour

My question is this, could it be that the cream he used was not strong enough or could it be that I have some kind of infection in my eye lid which didn't allow the numbing cream to work, as pointed out by the specialist in my first visit that my right eyelid looked "red and slightly swollen", could the pain give me a clue as to were the issue could be stemming from, basically the eyelid and not the eyeball it's self?

Unfortunately the probing did not solve the problem as I still suffer from the orbital pain

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I don't believe in the value of Meibominan gland probing, or any of the expensive treatments done to liquify Meib gland oil.  The Dry Eye Clinics are like any spa, they push very very expensive treatment and every one has dry eyes and Meib gland problems. Your symptom of oribital pain does not remotely sound like a meibo gland problem.  
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I agree, it cost me a fortune
Given it didn't help and much of what they do is not covered by insurance you make ask for a refund complete or partial.  If not might trash them on social media.  Some where along the way you will need a CT of head and orbits or MRI head and orbits.  Also sedimentation rate and rule out orbital inflammatory disease.

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