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Migraine or something else?

Are there any migraine sufferers in here? I had my first one about 2 years ago. Sitting in church. 8 months pregnant with my 4th son. Everything got dark.. I couldn't see.. I thought I was having a stroke or something was wrong with the baby. That went on about 20 minutes.. my vision came back & as soon as it was better, I got a headache from hell that only lasted about an hour. I got my 2nd one yesterday. Same thing. I got colored lines in my eyes, everything went dark. This time, I took a couple asprines. Everything seemed to be settling down. Got 11 minutes into my workout when I got sick to my stomach, dizzy, unsteady, and sweat pouring off of all of me. Legs, arms, back & head. Shut off the dvd & drank some water & got a massive headache. Took a lortab. Took 2 more excedrine (later) & still, 24 hours later, it's still hanging around. So, day 2 of no working out. And, I'm sitting here drinking a tall glass of milk, which I swear, I have not had any of since about 2003. Can anyone relate to these symptoms?
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You should see a neurologist to be on the safe side.  Also, there is an increased risk of stroke with migraines if you are on BCPs.

Dr. O.
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I take no medications. I work 16 hours a day in my business. I work out with 40 minutes of cardio 5 times a week & also try to get in a 4 mile walk 3-5 days a week as well. I am thinking it could be from exhaustion. I still have a slight headache today. If it's still around tomorrow, I will call my doctor.
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