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Mini Monovision Target for Cataract Surgery

I had cataract surgery on my right non-dominate eye on March 5th which is currently at a -1.0. I have excellent mid-range visit and distance vision that is not real crisp but functional.  I will be having surgery on my left eye next week.  If we target it for better distance vision, will it compromise my mid-range vision in my right eye or will the right eye retain it's current mid-range vision.  I'm trying to determine if I should target plano or under correct it a bit, like a -0.5.  Any suggestions?  I should mention that both lenses are Tecnis toric monofocals. Thank you for your help with this.
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Surgery on the unoperated eye should have no effect.   If you go for -0.25 to -0.50 that is Mini-monofocal distance bias. Works well for many people.
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Thank you.  In your opinion, is under correcting my left eye for -0.25 to -0.50,  a better option than targeting plano?  
Most people are not going to tell much difference between planot -.25 and -.50    because the IOL formula have an error of plus/minus half a diopter by going for -.25 or -.50 you do not risk being left +0.50 which people don't like at all.  So most surgeons think -.25 or -.50 better, safer option.
Thank you so much!  I have been struggling with this decision and you have helped clarify it for me.  I hope you have a great day!
Best of luck
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