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Modern Contact Quality Decline and Glasses

When I was a child.  I would go to the Optometrist and he would give me a set of Contacts in a Glass Vile.

Those lenses in that vial would be good for a full year as long as they were cared for.  If you washed them well and took good care of them they stayed comfortable and lasted.

I have worn contacts for about 15 years.  Today I went to the eye doctor and officially said "I have had enough" and purchased glasses.

My question is.  What is happening to the contact lens industry?  Outside of what I consider to be greed?  I do believe that manufacturers adopted an ideology that it is acceptable to drastically reduce the quality of the product for the sake of a bigger bottom line.  And I for one am insulted and dismayed that this sort of disregard for peoples eyes / One of the most vital parts of your body for what seems to me profit.

I have not had a pair of contacts in the last 5 years that did not feel like they had already been worn for 330 days compared to my old brand.  Which they keep making.

The literally make them to wear out and to just be pieces of garbage.  The amount of eye irritation that modern contact lenses give you after only 2 or 3 weeks is insane.

Is there not a company out there that makes them like they used to be made?  That does not make them to fall apart and cause massive irritation if you do not buy a truck load a year?

I am someone who is sending a message to the contact lens industry.  You will not get my money and gamble with my eyes and vision.  If you are greedy and need more money . . . so be it.  And I will pay more.  But give me something that will not self destruct and turn into a piece of garbage after 14 days.

I would like to see a big fat lawsuit.

My question is.  Are these new lenses that are made to NOT last dangerous to your eyes?  Why do they cause so much irritation if they are not discarded regularly?  What side effects are associated with not being able to afford a constant supply?
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Dear lens_questioner,

I would speak with your eyeMD about the kinds of contact lenses available for you.  It is not wise to overwear your lenses as microscopic debris and proteins can build up and induce a reaction causing discomfort.  There are many sources of contact lenses for reasonable prices.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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Disposable contacts are made to be worn for a limited time only.  I really love my 1-day Acuvue moist lenses--they are always super-comfortable and never collect deposits, since I throw them away at the end of the day.  This significantly reduces the danger of developing an infection.  And the newer disposable contacts are made of materials which are healthier for the eyes than the older hard contacts.  Yes, you may end up paying more over time for disposable contacts.  But eyeglasses today have become very expensive, too, especially if you need a high prescription.  I've heard of people paying $800 (and much more) for eyeglasses.
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I imagine you could probably pay as much as $200,000 for a pair of glasses from Cartier with diamond encrusted rims if you want to.

I bought a designer pair of frames.  Michael Kors to be more precise.  And walked out shy a few hundred dollars / including the exam.

I don't know much about the medical details of the materials used today in comparison to before.  But I do not buy much of the hype.  I believe the materials used now are made to degrade.  So if they test the quality of the lenses using a new pair against the old brands that would last a full year.  I would not be exactly surprised if the tests showed the newer disposable to be better.

But try testing that disposable lens a week after it has been worn . . . or better yet 10 days.  And I can guarantee with certainty the old brands that lasted are safer on your eyes.

I am not a doctor.  But I sure as heck can recognize irritation additional blood vessels and such in my eyes that come after wearing these new lenses a few days.  And my eyes feel more irritated and bothersome with these new trash can ready contacts . .  .

My .02.  I think it is about money.  Why have the consumer buy 1 pair when we can get them to buy 100?
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Disposable contacts are probably more about comfort than money.  In my experience, anyway, they are much more comfortable.  They are also safer for your eyes because they allow more oxygen to reach the cornea.  The 1-day contacts just about eliminate the possibility of infection, which can cause blindness.  You're right--disposable contacts can irritate your eyes if you wear them for longer than the time period designated by the manufacturer.  But hard contacts are still available if you prefer them--and you'll probably save some money.
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Your opinion is your own.

If the "new" lenses you are referring to are for reasons of comfort.  I would have to disagree with you.  Considering the comfort level of the new lenses at day 12 is equivalent to day 320 of older longer lasting lenses.

My .02.  I got a great pair of glasses for a really good price.  I am giving them a 2 or 3 year shelf life.  No more 1800 contacts.  No more truck loads of them.  No more pieces of junk that are made to fall apart.

Something is severely wrong when 14 days of a new lens is the equivalent of several hundred of the older ones.  I have more irritation with the new disposable brands.  And do not believe they are making quality products any more.
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