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Moraxella lacunata treatment

Hello! I was looking for some advice. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with an eye infection caused by "moderate development of Moxarella lacunata." I went to the ophthalmologist, who prescribed Zypred (0.3% gatifloxacin + 1% prednisolone acetate), 4 times/day for a week then once a day for a week, then Celunaf (naphazoline) once every 8 hours for two months, along with a Centrum every day (?). Unfortunately, after finishing the 4 times/day treatment I missed 4-5 days before applying the drops once per day for a week. I've been applying the Zypred drops since them, for about a week and a half now, along with the Celunaf. The infection doesn't seem to be going away, though, and the ophthalmologist isn't cheap so I thought I'd look around first before having to shell out for another consult. I appreciate any help anyone can give me.
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I'm sorry it has returned. I would seek a second opinion. You need an ophthalmologist to examine your eyes.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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