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More nearsighted again!

I just had the embarrassment of failing the eye test to renew my driver's license.  I had to get a hastily-scheduled exam and new glasses -- thicker again!  The new ones are -14.75 and -15.50.  I can see well through them but they make everything look severely small, including my eyes.  I don't do well with contacts.  Any suggestions for slowing my progression down a bit?
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No.  There is some research in this area.  Some doctors had advocated support of the posterior sclera.

Dr. O.
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Short answer - no.

How old are you?
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I turned 23 yesterday.  Why do you ask?
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Sorry, but I don't understand your remark.  Can you please explain?
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Go back and try contacts again.  I'm a -17 in both eyes and had a terrible time with contacts until I went to several ophthalmologists and optometrists and found a workable solution which includes:

1) Using only daily disposables (Acuvue 1-day was best for me).  They are dramatically thinner for high prescription and eliminate need for irritating contact lens solutions.

2) Aggressive tx for dry eye including punctal plugs, Restasis, and 1000 mg fish and flaxseed oil 2/daily.

Most docs don't know how to adequately deal with a high myope and your special needs.

Google in Dr. Brian Ward and you can read about the scleral buckle support - not a surgical technique that has been adequately developed.

You can also do google searches and search on this forum for information pertaining to "degenerative, pathological, or progressive myopia" to find out more about info.
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Thanks.  I didn't know contacts could be thinner.  For those who don't have thick prescriptions, yes, even contact lenses get thicker at higher powers and become uncomfortable.  I have monthlies and will look into your suggestion.
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