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My 4 year old son had latent hyperopia..what does this mean

My 4 year old son had latent hyperopia what does it mean
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Most children have latent hyperopia and it does not present a problem. hyperopia or farsighted is a short eye. because children are small so are their eyes.  The eye can correct for hyperopia but not myopia or astigmatism.  Latent means that your son does not wear glasses for hyperopia or if he wears glasses it does not correct all the hyperopia.    Hyperopia is usually only a problem if associated with crossing of the eyes or in amounts greater than about 1.5-2.0 diopters where it can cause eye strain.
The doctor prescribed him a glass with SPH 2.5 and 2.25...what does it mean...and what is the eye strain
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The doctor prescribed him a glass with SPH 2.5 and 2.25...what does it mean...and what is the eye strain
Does the glasses RX have a plus sign + or minus sign in front of it?    Eye strain is the same type of fatigue and discomfort you would feel in your arms if you had to hold a 20 pound weight over your head all the time.  It means the eye has to work to hard (think working 80 hrs/week instead of 40).    Also your "eye doctor" should be an Eye MD ophthalmologist not an optometrist.   An eye MD will have MD after his/her name and optometrist will have OD after their name.  It is an important difference.
Rx is + 2.5
Okay so those are glasses for hyperopia (farsighted). It says nothing about the vision with or without the glasses, whether the eyes cross without the glasses or the "full cycloplegic refraction" which is the total amount of hyperopia the child has.  Be sure you are seeing and eye MD not an optometrist.  from this point on you will need to direct your questions to your child's eye doctor as I have given you all the information I can
Thanks alot
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