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My both eye get red or pink whenever i sleep n wakeup.

Whenever i sleep/ take nap or night sleep and wakeup my eyes cornea get red or pink and if wash with water or rub it due to unbearable itching the situation get worsen then for 3 to 4 hours i cannot keep open my eye lashes then visiting to dr and he is saying your cornea is severely hurt . Since 3 month i am suffering with this problem and change specialist but some are giving steroids and some anti allergy and eye lubricant. But know one is able to tell the reason why its happening but this is sure its starting always when wakeup in the morning.
Kindly help me if anyone knows about this eye issue.
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1. Don't have a fan running in the bedroom or a heat/cooling vent blowing on your face.  2. Use an overnight lubricant each and every night like Refresh PM or other GEL lubricant.   This problem is more common in women over 40, people that sleep with fans in bedroom, people that have to wear CPAP for sleep apnea, people whose eyelids don't close completely during sleep
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Thanks for your reply.
I am 38 years old male. Living jeddah KSA. Using Hyfresh gel UD as a eye lubricant and keep aircon close during night and sleep beside fan. But the condition is not improving every morning when i wokeup my eye dark pink color and if touch or tap goes in the eye its turning in severe keratitis.
My history is i have gone through nasal surgery in september20 and after 6 months i am facing this issue. Now due to frequent problem i feeling that my right eye vision is little blurred.
Please guide me further how i can close my eye properly during sleep.
And do i need to use CPAP it will help.
Turn the fan off at night.
Dear doctor
I turn off fan since you advice my eyes get better but whole day time to time it feels itching and change color some time yellow orange or nearly red and both eyes of cornea from left corner of left eye and right corner of right eye having wrinkles and these wrinkles are not getting normal. Please advise what could be the reason.
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The swelling of the outer layer of the eye (conjunctiva) is called "chemosis of conjunctiva"  it usually occurs because something is irritating the eye,  like chemicals/fumes the eye is exposed to,  allergic problems to pollen/molds,  allergies to the eye drops or their preservatives. If you have access to preservative free artificial tears try them.
Now i am using artificial tears with out preservative free but the condition is not change. I am using croma ( cromoglocate)
It get better than after 6 hours getting irritated.
At this point you will need to discuss with your ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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