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My eye hurts so bad

9 days ago I had minor medical procedure related to my uterus. Everything went fine and I felt fine and was on Doxycyline and and NSAID for 7 days. Two days ago my eyes starting feeling swollen and itchy so I took my contacts out and took a benedryl because it felt like an allergy. Yesterday both my eye lids were swollen and painful. Nothing seems to help the pain, eye drops, ice, hot compress, nothing. Today my left eye is fine but my right eye hurts so bad. Every time I blink the pain shoots from eye. It looks a little swollen, but doesn't look too bad. My eye isn't pink and it doesn't look like anything is in my eye. I haven't worn my contacts since the pain started. What is happening? Could this be from the surgery I had, or a side effect from the antibiotic or NSAID or is it totally unrelated? Is this worth seeing a doctor or should I just wait it out? It is so painful I feel like I can't work because I don't want to blink so I want to keep my eyes closed.
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I suspect you may be having severe drynes of the cornea due to medication side effects.  With a contact recently in your eye, I also worry about a corneal ulcer. Please see an EyeMD ophthalmologist as soon as possible. In the meantime use artificial tears every hour.

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