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My right eye is red (possible corneal abrasion), what should I do?

My right eye is red, I may have accidentally scratched it with my finger 2 days ago when I was rubbing my eye. It was a little red before, then I thought it got better, but today (Sun Apr 11) it's even more red than before and has a mild pain. What should I do? I have Vigamox eye drops left over from a previous prescription for blepharitis in my other eye (seems to be healed now). Should I take them? Previous doctor (general practitioner) told me to do 1 drop 3 times per day for 1 week for blepharitis. I can't see a dr until probably earliest Tue because they are closed or no appointments available.
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Ophthalmologists (Eye MDs) have 24 hr answering service in most countries. Your eye needs to be examined and I cannot tell you what to do over the internet given the scant description you have furnished.  Call an Eye MD ophthalmologist and/or your doctors answering service.  
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Thanks Dr John Hagan, appreciate your reply. I haven't been able to see an ophthalmologist but I saw a general practitioner who told me to just continue with lubricant eye drops as my eye has been getting better and less red.
Glad to hear better. A corneal abrasion takes 2-3 months to completely heal and be as strong as normal. there is a nasty problem called "Recurrent corneal erosion" that comes from poor healing. It can often be prevented by using the artificial tears lubricants 2-4 times during the day for 6 weeks and using a lubricating GEL at bedtime.  Regular artificial tears will not last 8 hours. These are all over the counter preparations.  Do not sleep under a fan during sleep and don't run you automobile heater/air conditioner in your face. Avoid rubbing the eye especially in the morning.
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