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Myopic Astigmatism Compound (OU)

My son is 3 n half year old.He is 7month premature.He readily accepts glasses from 2nd year.He had a number right from born.Now He diagnosis with Myopic Astigmatism Compound (OU).His right eye number is -8.5D Sphere -4D Cylindrical 20Axis and right eye number is -10D Sphere -4D Cylindrical 170Axis.The doctor is prescribing a MYOPIN eye drop for a month.Sir What can I do to make it to normal vision?If number is increasing day by day,what will be worst effect of it?Any precautions that is helpful to get rid of myopia?What is maximum power of Cylindrical power?
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Your son has severe eye problems and will need to be followed by a pediatric ophthalmologist till an adult then by an adult ophthalmologist.  I don't know what the eye drops are. You may have been prescribed "myopia' eye drops which are usually dilute atropine which is to try and slow the progression of the pathologic high myopia and astigmatism. There is nothing anyone anywhere in the world that can make your child's eye's normal. They were born abnormal due to prematurity. The best you can do it to obtain the best possible vision with his abnormal eyes. Know also there may be problems in the retina and macula that develop due to prematurity.
Sir what we can do to make his eye number stable till he becomes adult?
Sir in India I checked my son at PGI Chandigarh,they had done a test.After seeing a test dr told me that reason of myopic is that his eye size is big.He told me that 22year adult eye is fitted in him.Dr told me that we have a specialist dr regarding this and meet dr in next visit on coming friday
There is no "sure cure' for your son's problem to keep him from getting bigger number glasses. The drops they are trying may help.  We do not even know how to stabilize regular myopia and there is a worldwide epidemic of myopia especially in Asia.  Prolonged near work (computer, book, iphones, ipads, video games) and less time outdoors is consider the cause. See the Specialist.
The specialist had done the test
Axial Length <25.82
AC Depth<3.40
Lens thickness<4.59
Retina Scan=Tessellated Fundus
The specialist prescribed the executive bifocal glasses and continue myopin eye drop of 0.01%.What is your opinion sir after looking up to reports?
The tests only say he has a long eye which is the cause of the myopia.  The retina scan does not describe any pathology "tesselated fundus" is a normal variant.  The drops and bifocals are to try and stop the eye from becoming more myopia and a good idea.
Ty doctor for your opinion
Best of luck. remember outside play daily is also important for myopia therapy
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