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Myopic MD and Faint, Dim Sparkling Clouds

I have myopic MD in both eyes. So far nothing serious has developed and my visual acuity is close to 20/20. I had very dim sparkles in my central visual field for about 20 years or so.  They were not a few sparkles; they were more like dimly lit sparkling clouds. I saw them when I closed my eyes, but I hardly saw them when I opened my eyes because they were very dim.  

However, since last March they have become more intense and spread to my peripheral visual field.  Now I see them even when my eyes are open or closed.  They are not flashes; they are not bright at all. Compared to what they were, say, last year, they are less dim so I notice them more easily.  

I saw my RS because of this symptom. He did the OCT, etc. but didn't find anything unusual, compared to my previous condition. He thought it was probably caused by my vitreous detachment, and told me not to lose sleep over it.

What do you think is happening? Thanks.
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I am wondering if this somehow could be a migraine-type phenomenon without the headache.  I would see your ophthalmologist for a visual field test, and consider a referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist.
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