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Not sure if I should post this under "Cataracts" or "Glaucoma" , I've had both operations. I'm having vision problems, two years after surgery on both eyes. Been to my doctor three visits within  two months. I've been issued two new eye glass prescriptions, bifocal and distance, filled both, neither helps me see clearly. I don't want to do a third, with same results. This cannot be normal.
My vision, relatively speaking, has been pretty  good for the two years after the operations. Problems just started beginning of this year, I just can't see clearly, both close up and distance. Two different eye glass prescriptions did not remedy the problem. It's affecting my job, first time in two years.  I'm afraid I won't even be able to drive to work, safely, anyway, much less perform my actual duties. I need good close and and distance vision to function.

I think my eye doctor is at the point of throwing up her hands and giving up on me. ( Not really, but, I'm getting that impression from her) How can I get them ( the eye institution, I'm not even sure if my doctor has  the say so, she works for the eye institution) t do a full examination of my eyes? Last three visits, it's putting in a couple of drops to check the glaucoma pressure, which are excellent, look at an eye chart, get a new prescrption, and, that's it. No further eye examination, or other tests, I'm i and out in no time.

When I call the receptionist up, who should I ask for, what is the position of the person in charge of the complaint department?  I want to be careful about this, because, I like my doctor, I really don't want to go anywhere else.
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Sometimes it takes a new fresh look to do a full objective exam.  Very hard for all doctors to do this for a patient they have known for a long time.  I would go see another ophthalmologist, preferrably a glaucoma specialist, and have them do their full initial examination.  They will then check everything from your cornea to your retina with appropriate scans to make sure all are OK.  You do not need to change your eye doctor, just get a fresh opinion as to why your vision is not improving with eyeglasses and then go back to your regular doctor.

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The doctor I'm seeing is a glaucoma specialist, well, I should say she saw me only once of the three office visits. Another doctor, ( within the same clinic ), saw me the other two times.

I just had a fourth visit for the problem. My doctor, the glaucoma specialist, didn't do a full examination, but,she now thinks she knows what the problem is, associated with the bleb, she said she may need to do surgery to correct the problem.  I saw her on March 28th.

For the past two weeks, my vision is borderline for driving. Bright lights hurt my eyes, I get a lot of tearing ,watering. My next appointment is April 29th.  If my vision gets any worse, ( blurred ) I won't be able to drive at all. This has got me really worried. I told the doctor I will call if gets worse. ( the pain, blurriness, tearing).
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