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Nose always in field of vision

Hi and thanks a lot for your time.

Ok, so this nightmare of mine has started a little bit more than a month ago.
Seemingly out nowhere I began feeling pain partially in my left eye, partially under it. I wear contacts and I am used to them sometimes getting iritating in my eye (scratching and itching), but this wasn't that kind of pain, pain of the surface of the eye, this was inside.

The pain has eventually stopped (althought I don't recall if I have used painkillers to help it or not). Since than however, I began to feel like something just wasn't right with my vision. I just couldn't tell what exactly was going on. I tried covering one eye and than the other, but I wasn't able to find an immediately noticable difference. I have also tried going couple days without contacts altogether, thinking that it might have been caused by my eyes just being tired of the contacts

(I wear contacts really often, more than my optician has advised me to do, I have however been doing it this way for couple of years now without problems)

After couple of days, it began to seem to me, like I was almost constantly seeing my own nose, especially when looking at a phone screen or laptop keyboard. Like it was blocking my sight, "almost like the picture from my eyes wasn't getting stitched/combined together propperly"

Sometimes, it felt like the thing that led to the pain was, that in order to really focus on something, I felt like my eyes had to work extra hard to really "take the whole image in" (I could however, still read even small text, it wasn't like I just got farsighted)

Since the onset, it also sometimes happened to me, that the innitial pain has sometimes returned, it felt a little bit like a "cramp" Maybe a cramp in the eye muscles? Strangely enough, this wasn't always just the left eye.

Because of all of this, I went to see an eye doctor, telling her about my problem. She did the standarg check - far/nearsightness, eye pressure and she also used dilatating drops to examine my optical nerve, where she found nothing wrong. ¨

Having been told that everything is fine and having my eyes so dilatated that I couldn't see up close at all, I left thinking that even if there had been something wrong with my eye muscles before It would now be "reseted" by the dilatation and I was just waiting, untill the effects of the drops was gone ( I have felt the effects even the next day and a little bit even the day after that)

Now I'm not sure if it was due the drops actually doing it or because I did'n even try to look in short distance, but it seemed to me, that the issue wasn't as pronnounced or noticable as before. Sadly on just about the 4th day since the dilatation drops, I felt like the discomfort was coming back and by the end of the day I felt another one of those"cramps/pains"

Since than everything was like before the drops. Over the next week or so, I tried using sometimes contacts and sometimes glasses, but to no success in improviong my condition. In the glasses, I didn't feel like I was seeing my nose as much, probably because when wearing glasses I always feel like I have narrower field of view.

Than I have left for a month long vacation, in the beginning of the trip I still suffered from the pain. Later after about a week in to the vacation, the pain slowly left, but my vision problem still persisted.

I have told myself before the vacation, that I will just try to give it some time to go away during the vacation and if it doesn't than I will continue to seek help further. If you got this far, first of all !!!thank you!!! and second - you probably understand, that my issue has not gone away.

Please! - Is there any medical condition that could at least partially explain what I have been experiencing? Should I go to see a doctor again? A different one perhaps? And does this all make any sense at all or is it just something that my mind has made up?
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As far as pain, discomfort, blurred vision, redness and irritation in a young person that wears contact lens 95%+ of the time the problem is the contact lens.     Most everyone see's their nose. Certainly when you look to the left and right the eye moving towards the nose 'sees' it.   I would suggest you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist and have a visual field test done (also called peripheral vision test) as well as careful exam of retina to be sure no retinal detachment.  
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