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Not a candidate for Lasik or ICL, help

I'm a 23 year old man with a severe prescription: around -10 in both eyes and -2.5 astigmatism. I was told by an opthamologist that Lasik was a possibility; however, after two consultations, I was rejected as a Lasik candidate. Without my astigmatism, ICL would be an option. I was told that if I was desperate to have surgery, I could have the ICL, then Lasik or PRK to treat astigmatism, or I could wait until the FDA approved ICL for astigmatism comes out (hopefully this fall).

This leaves me with a few questions.

1. Could I get Lasik that deliberately undercorrects to, say, -4 or so? This would still be myopic but it would allow me to wear more comfortable contacts and less thick glasses lenses. The main risk of total correction with Lasik for me is removal of too much tissue, so I presume that an undercorrection would remove less tissue.

2. Are there doctors capable of treating my eyes with Lasik -- in other words, should I push for a third or fourth opinion? Or should I just accept that the risks are too great?

Finally, on a somewhat unrelated note, I have been having strains and headaches behind the eye for the past 2 or 3 weeks that worsen when I put my contacts in. I have gotten regular exams for glaucoma, etc, so I have no idea what could be causing it. Is it possibly a prescription change? A consequence of dry eyes? Something neurological? It is causing me enormous anxiety, as my regular glasses are thick and comical-looking and I hate wearing them in public.
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I would agree that you are beyond the LASIK correction range.  Removing too much tissue with the excimer laser can destabilize the cornea, and result in a problem called ectasia.  This is a bulging and thinning of the cornea, akin to keratoconus.  Undercorrecting the refractive error will remove less stromal tissue, and might be an option.  As far as the headaches are concerned, if they only occur with your contacts in, then it could be the lens' prescription is off, or your eyes become more dry with contact lens wear.  See your ophthalmologist again for this.  Remember that dry eye can be worsened by LASIK, so this needs to be treated before any refractive surgery.  If your eyes are too dry for soft contact lens wear, scleral contact lenses might help.
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