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Nystagmus & reduced VOR suppression

I hope someone may be able to help me understand my 5year old's diagnoses.

A year ago, during a routine eye examination my then 4 year old was found to have horizontal jerky eye movements when looking far left and right.

After being referred to ophthalmology these are the findings:

Acuity good when both eyes used together (no need for glasses) but a little off when used alone.

Had a test done with electrodes to head staring at a TV which child had to focus on red dot. Was told "all good".

Nystagmus/horizontal nystagmus.

Significantly reduced VOR suppression

Saccadic pursuit.

head tilt when really focusing.

Jerky smooth pursuits where noticed in Father at one appointment but not on another, he also shows significantly reduced VOR suppression.

The consultant has said in a clinic letter "It is certainly interesting that this seems to be a relatively specific smooth pursuit/VOR suppression pathway problem". He told me he thinks child has always had this since birth as he doesn't say the world wobbles etc. He wanted child to have an MR under G.A which I wasn't comfortable with. When I was told it was most likely congenital I thought it could wait a while. He is being referred for a once over by a neurologist.

Over the past year, child nystagmus is unchanged.

Child has reached all milestones as expected, walked at 9 months in fact. Is in good health, learning to read and write well, can share books, a little clumsy, has always slept very well but does get tired and knows when he is, bedtime is never an issue. Have spoken to teachers who have no concern about development or behavior. Head tilt is only present now and again when watching TV or playing video games. I have noticed the nystagmus since being told he has is. But it isn't always, he is 70% without it I would say. His eyes only jerk when looking very far left or right and occasionally down. I only ever noticed at around 6 months old that when his head was turned away from me he and would gaze at me without turning his head, his eyes wouldn't match up evenly and they would struggle to hold the gaze. I was told at the time it's most likely a flat bridge thing. So didn't follow it up. Feeling awful that I didn't. I always knew something wasn't quite right.

I would like some help in understanding what my child actually has. Nystagmus forums talk about reduced vision and constant movement, my child doesn't have his.

What can we expect from the neurologist? What things will be tested?

Thank you in advance :)
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