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Nystagmus and IOL cataract replacement

I have nystagmus and recently had the cataract in my right eye replaced with a trulign IOL lens. I am four days post surgery, and I am concerned because I am seeing a fluttery half moon on the right side of my right eye as if I am seeing the edge of the lens moving in and out. Is this normal, will it stop and was this the right lens for someone with nystagmus?
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Generally that is a common post op observation called "positive dysphotopsia" my wife had it in both eyes when she had cataract surgery. Most surgeons feel it comes from reflections from the incision on the cornea. Most, but not all, the time it goes away over weeks to months. You should nevertheless report it to your surgeon.
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Doctor thank you for your reply. Have you had any experience with the trulign IOL lenses and people with nystagmus? I see my doctor again on Friday, they are trying to tell me I need to schedule my left eye in three weeks. I am a little apprehensive about doing that surgery with the same trulign lens for my left eye which is my dominant eye. A new symptom I am experiencing with the lens, is that it seems the lens is pulsating with my heartbeat. Is that normal?
Much gratitude
No I have not had any patients with nystagmus have surgery with  Trulign. Surgery is elective, so if you are not comfortable no problem with postponing till things settle down.
Thank you very much Dr. Hagan!
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