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Odd flickering, light traweling, and visual snow

Hey, geez I'm really embarrassed by asking all this questions is short period of time...
OK, so the problem is next.. I started working again after longer period of time (1 year). And in these few days I didn't get much of sleep. I started to notice at work this little yellowish and black light flickering that lasts for few seconds in very low part of my vision, I would say it's even not in my vision, but lower.
Then I get visual snow and when I'm in bright light, and not blinking so much I get this yellowish arch, half circle traveling from one side to another, or from lower side of vision to upper side of vision... but it stays mainly in right side of vision...

1. that smaller light, or it could be visual snow, I cant determinate because it's out of my main vision, it's flickering for a few seconds, could these be another tear or another detachment... or it's just in my mind? More I think of it, more it's present there :s
I saw in some of your answers that retinal flash is very bright and it's less than second long

2. This light traveling from one side to another, mainly when I'm tired, could that be from silicon oil that's in eye or not?

In that eye I had RD, silicone oil and it was fixed with vitrectomy.

Thank you.

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hm... now when it's getting darker, I don't see it anymore... RD or RT flashes are seen at dark also, or not?
Every time I'm thinking "wow, it's been a long time since something in that eye bothered me" something starts to flicker, flash or something else...
Oh yeah, my last check up was about month ago, and everything was fine, except for cataract that was forming little bit quicker...

And also, few seconds ago, when I was typing in lower light room I get this yellow light that I mentioned in first post, that travels.. only this time it's getting from upper right side of vision to lower side, like drop of rain going down the window... strange
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You need to get your retinal checked. You do not have to have a bright flash.  My symptoms were very similar to your and I had an RD, PVD was 6 weeks earlier..  I was surprised and this was my specialty.

Dr. O.
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Thanks for you answer... I already had RD in that eye, last surgery was 7 months ago... Vitrectomy was done, with silicone oil.
Can retinal specialist (not surgeon) see something inside if I have strong cataract?
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Dr. O. what symptoms did you have? Flickering light or those yellow "lines" or half circles, I don't know how I would describe them...?
I'm scared when I see them, if I close my eye, or if I go from very bright room to dark, they are going on a trip in my eye.. Last year, one eye doctor told me that could be from silicone oil, what do you think about that?
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