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One Swollen Eyelid/Past STI Question


I'm here to see if anyone has any advice/comments about my swollen eyelid! I'll give some background info first:

My eyelids were completely normal until January 2013, when I had an eye infection in my right eye. After a long process of trying to figure out what it was, it turned out to be chlamydia (my boyfriend had no symptoms and my eye infection was my only one). We both got the pills and I got drops and everything to clear my eye up, and it did go away.

I was retested for chlamydia six weeks later and I was clear, and the eye doctor looked at my eye and said everything looked good.

That was back in January/February. The problem is the right eyelid is still 'swollen'. I'm not sure if swollen is the right word because it's not red, itchy, blocking vision, etc. It's perfectly normal feeling except for the fact that it's bigger than my left. And it doesn't seem to be drooping, from what I can tell. It just seems puffier. I'm very self concious about it.

This is a picture from a year ago (sorry for lots of eye makeup):

Here's a picture from today (just mascara on):

I am going to see my eye doctor soon, but I was just wondering if any one had any comments/experience with this. Please tell me it will go back to normal!

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None of your images was available for viewing. I would definitely see your ophthalmologist, and determine if the swelling is in the lid, or is the eye more prominent.
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