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One eye more open than the other

Ok, not really sure where to start... dont know what is related, and what isnt.. grrr
well, about 9 years ago, i was diagnosed with lymes disease... not sure if this is related to my question, but what the heck, so anyway... i was treated 2 times, with pic lines, that both were removed prematurely due to my allergies to latex, and the antibiotic rocepherin (sp?)
So, here i set, 8 years later.... no treatment, no insurance, no nothing...
about 3 months ago (Feb 12 2010), i had a bump... (possibly a sty) on the inside of my right eye... i had to see my dr for a refill on my asthma inhaler, so i had him take a glance at my eye as well.... so he prescribes me Neomyc-Polym-Dexameth eye drops... i used for 2 weeks and all was well, bump went away, and all.... well about 2 months later around the first of April, allergies (hay fever) hit me bad, and the pollen and all got worse... I took some over the counter alergy medicine, and all was fine... about 2 weeks later (April 12) i notices that my right eye (same one as the bump) lookes strange, it was more open than the left one, few ppl told me it could be the allergies and all. I had an appt April 14th with the bariatric clinic, as i am trying to loose some weight,.,,, they took blood samples and was testing my tyroid as comon practice with weight loss programs... My eye, didnt get better, so i researched online, and low and behold, information about Graves Disease pops up, and i read it. Well, as i am sure you understand, i paniced, and made an appt with my optamoligist. He said that the tissue behind my eye was swollen. After explaining all this to him, he tells me that the first drops are toxic (????) and that this could be due to a few issues, one being still contributed to the "bump" (not sure if he understood it had been 2 1/2 months since then) and he did acknowledget could be Graves Disease, and to check back with the clinic to get my results. He prescribed me Prednisolone Ac 1% for the swelling, and i am to return in 10 days. Well, that was 4 days ago, and i have not seen a improvement to my eye as of yet, and i did get the results from the clinic, my TSH = less than 0.006 and T4 = 12.1. I called the office back, and gave the recepsionist my test results and asked if she would have him call me back and let me know. that was 2 days ago, and i still have not heard back from him. Can someone PLEASE let me know, what all this means... is it likely that i have Graves Disease or not? Could it be from the "bump" ... I am at such a lose here, and my anxiety is up from the worry. I just need answers, or even possiblitys. ANY help is appreciated, TY so very much :)
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Grave's disease is a clinical diagnosis.  Your labs can be normal.  Your doctor is correct the medication you used on your eye is very irritating.   You probably have blepharitis with styes.

Dr. O.
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I do have tyroid too,i didnt know until end of May 2010 and i start taking medications,my last test for my tyroid shows its getting better and my other eyes is getting better too,my family had tyroids too and my mom says once the tyroid is gone the other eye will get back to normal.
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