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One eye smaller, reddish, less defined color

Hi there,

For the past 5 years I have been noticing problems with my eye. My left eye is noticeably smaller than the right. The right eye is big, dark blue/green with good definition in the color and a big black pupil.

The left eye is small, light green most of the time, with no definition(Just looks solid green) and a small pupil(Even the pupil color is a greyish instead of black.

Heres the kicker, once in a blue moon. I'd say maybe a few times a month, my left eye actually gets dark and matches my right eye color, it almost seems like a sty because my left people even makes up for the size of the other and it looks normal.

Looked at my pictures from years ago and both eyes are deep blue/green, cant tell any differences.

When I first noticed this 5 years ago a doctor sent me to another doctor who did some deeper tests, my vision was fine, he looked into both eyes with a microscope and did the light tests. When I explained this all to him he kind of laughed and told me if I really wanted I could try eye drops.

So I did, used synthetic eye drops for about a month, no change.

5 years later I had to get this looked at again because I can't go on living with that answer, got another reffereal from a new doctor and sure enough, I was sent back to the same doctor again. I think he remembered me, cause he laughed once again when i told the story as if it wasn't possible. This time my left eye was a little worse vision wise and he prescribed me reading glasses.

Is there a particular doctor I should go see? to me it isn't over;y irratated, just a little dry and it almost feels like something is pulling on the nerve behind my eye, that is causing it to shrink...

If not and there really is nothing else that can be done, what are my options to maybe changing that eye color darker so it is less noticeable? I know theres surgery but im thinking drops or contacts? anybody know of anything?

Thank you so much in advance.
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I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. In reading your post, it seems that you are mainly describing pupil size differences. Correct? This is called pupil anisocoria. If it is also accompanied by iris color difference, this is called heterochromia irides. There is a list of causes of anisocoria. It ranges from benign to not so benign. Probably you are benign.
A big distinction is if the difference is greatest in a bright room or greatest in a dimly lighted room.
You should seek the care of a Medical Doctor who is an Ophthalmologist, even better would be a Neuro-Ophthalmologist.

Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, Medical Doctor, Ophthalmologist
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Thanks for your comments, This helps. I believe it was a Ophthalmologist I went to see both times. A neuro ophthalmologist I will definitely look into. It is quite the process to wait to get in, Is there anything you can tell me in the mean time, things that may help it? Things to stay away from. Would this also cause the light pink in my eye at times?
Like today I noticed when I had a coffee this morning and looked in a mirror it was like two completely different eyes, smaller and different color.
But then when I had a hot steam bath tonight and got out, both eyes were dark blue, and extremely bright white on both eyeballs...

Not certain what is going on with my body here.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to help.
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