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One itchy puffy eye

For the past 2 days my left eye has been insanely itchy! It's not bloodshot, there's not gunk in it or anything, and no pain, just itchy as hell. My other eye is completely fine - no itching or anything. I do wear contacts but haven't changed anything with them in terms of brand or anything. Initially I thought it was the contact so I put a fresh pair in this morning but still my eye is still so itchy. If I itch it like I want to then it gets really swollen and even bruised a little.

Everyone is convinced it's allergies because it recently just got pretty warm here and it's spring and I would like to believe that but I've read allergies don't typically happen in just one eye so now I don't know. I took some generic allergy meds this morning to see if that would help. It's been about 6 hours and I haven't noticed a change. Obviously taking it a few days in a row helps build it up but it's driving me insane! I can't itch it because it will make it even more puffy/bruised and because my contact will fall out if I rub too hard. I've also ruled out makeup as I haven't added anything new to my routine either. I need some help!!!

I'm setting up an eye appointment because I need to go in for other routine things but I plan to mention this issue as well. It's been suggested I visit urgent care but I'm afraid they'll just write it off as allergies and not help me.
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External allergies like hayfever affect both eyes. In a situation like yours the problem 98% of the time is the contacts.  Leave them out, wear your glasses and see the doctor that fit them. Be sure the 'eye doctor' everts or flips the upper lid as a contact induced allergy called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) often causes these symptoms.   To get some relief as I said LEAVE CONTACTS OUT,  use warm or cool compresses and try over the counter Zaditor for itch.
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