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Optic Nerve Restoration

My granddaughter (age 28), married and living presently with her husband and my family due to the loss of her vision, her job and her home.  She became blind in a period of six months (3 months after actually being diagnosed) with pseudotumor cerebri.  She has a very small amount of vision out of the corner of her right eye when she holds her head a certain way.  

She had optic nerve fenestration three years ago at University of Virginia Hospital.  I am interested in any research being done on restoration of the optic nerves.  You might say that we have never given up the hope that someday a new discovery in the medical field will be able to merely restore part of her vision loss.  We are grasping for a glimmer of hope.

She is bright and well adjusted to her condition and never gives up hope of a break through in the medical field that may one day give her some sight back.  She is doing well in braille, mobility and computer classes (JAWS).  

Can you shed some light on what is bring done on research for the blind due to optic nerve damage caused by pseudotumor cerebri?

E. Perdue
Tasha's grandmother
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The optic nerve is brain tissue just like the brain and spinal cord. It does not regenate like peripheral nerves. That's when when the spinal cord is cut surgeons don't sew it back together, but if a peripheral nerve is cut they do.

Much research is being done on the issue of restoring nervous function after spinal, eye and brain injuries. Who is to say when this will bear fruit. It will likely be a slow process with nothing dramatic in the near future but remember that's what they were saying the day before penicillin and polio vacine were invented.

Pray, hope and contribute to medical research.

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