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Optic nerve damage

I am 23F and have had several health problems in the past few years, my biggest question is what is a pale optic nerve and how does this effect me? And could this be part of my hearing loss, and blurred vision, I have not lost it for good but it comes and goes in my left ear. the blurred vision is just like I cant focus on things. I have debilitating headaches at least 4 times a week, I have also had some bladder and kidney infections since this. I do not have insurance so what I want to know is this serious or do a lot of people have this type of damage in there eye. I do not have the funds to go get all these test done.
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Unfortunately, a pale optic nerve is a significant abnormality especially in a young person.  The hearing loss has me quite concerned as well.  Both could indicate a possible neurologic condition or maybe something you were born with.  I cannot make any assumptions as to why you have these findings but, yes, these are very abnormal findings, they deserve a thorough evaluation and I'm sorry that I'm unable to diagnose or treat you on this forum.  Look for the free clinic or county health department to at least have the basic evaluation.  Are your parents able to help at all?

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Thank you and my parent would rather not be bothered with my issues. thank you so much I guess free clinic here I come! I am just really scared. Thank you for your help.
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