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Optic nerve pain due to Digital Screen

I was watching 55 inches LCD TV for a 6 hours continuously and that night my eyes were paining. The next morning whenever i look at the laptop of my Samsung Galaxy 20 screen, i will get a shooting pain inside my left eye. My right eye seems to be okay. My vision in the left eye is sharper than the right eye and i am wearing glasses.

It has been like this for more than 3 weeks. I went to the ophthalmologist and he dilated my eyes and confirmed that there are no damages in my both eyes. I have done laser on my both eyes for macular thinning 20 years ago. All seems to be okay but the shooting pain remains whenever i look at any digital screens.

I can't concentrate in my hour due to this. I am wearing a sun glass while working on my laptop and phone now to contain the pain. However i am not sure how long i have to wear this sun glass.

Is there any other solution for this?
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the most common mechanism for this is drying the cornea, when you use a TV, phone, computer ,   read your blink rate drops from once every 5-7 second to once every 15 seconds and the cornea dries out. There is a world wide epidemic of these due to how much time people spend on screens and reading. Try using preservative free artificial tears hourly waking hours for a week and see if that helps. Then every 15 minutes look away from the computer screen, the TV or the book, focus far away (greater than 20 ft or 6 meters) and blink your eyes forcefully 6-7 times.   If this doesn't help you might return to your ophthalmologist, be sure an Macular OCT is done, and have the ophthalmologist look at your cornea before any drops put int.
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