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Optometrist vs Opthamologist

Hello all,
Im sorry to bring up this topic which seems all too common on eye forums, but in researching this I have not yet found an answer to these questions:
For those of you who are opthamologists, do you find your career benefits worth the 12+ years of eduation, not to mention the huge amount debt accumulated during this time period?
And for those of you who are optometrists, are you happy with your choice of path? And also, I hear competition is great among optometrists do to the high concentration in some areas, is this something to worry about when choosing a place of work?
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Answer to your first question: DO NOT GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Answer to your second question:  in major cities the optometry markets are crowded.  If you establish a practice where an optometrist is truly needed, business can build quickly.  A successful optometrist can earn more than an ophthalmologist with about 1/10 of the headache.
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