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Orbital decompression

Hey! Am rarah a female 18years from africa kenya suffering from grave disease,they are no experts doctors in my country who will help treat my eyes to its normal size.. My eyes is protruding and bulging from besides and front am so scared,i do not want to go blind,am still young to experience such pain and attention from people who will notice my eyes and laugh at me..any good samaritan please help me
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I am so sorry you don't have access to the medical care you need there.  I would search for medical missions from the US or Europe with ophthalmologists that may be comming to areas around you in the near future and see if you have any luck there.  The other option would be to appeal to a non-profit organization throught he US or Europe and see if any sponsor patients from your area to come get medical treatment here in the US or in Europe.  Good luck.

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