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Outside Eye Pain

Hello.  I'm a 28/m.

Lately, I've been experiencing periodoc pain on the outside of my eyes.  Sometimes the pain is in my head surrounding the eye socket and sometimes it feels like it's in the wells at the corners of my eyes.  The pain is not constant, but occasional.  It is generally a sharp, sudden, quick pain that does not seem associated with any particular movement or anything.  It just happens.

I also have rather chronic tension headaches.  (I don't know if this is related or not).  And I wear glasses for nearsightedness.

I was recently to two Eye MDs and a retina specialist for a PVD.  They all dilated ny eyes and said everything looked healthy, so what could be causing this?


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I've heard similar compaints from patients before.  Finding the cause and making things better can be very difficult in these types of situations.  I sympathize with your problem but I really can't make make a diagnosis here.  Some possible other causes to consider - dry eye syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headaches, sinusitis, glasses too strong, ocular or nasal allergies, too much coffee or other stimulants, other??.  On the bright side - no serious problems have been identified so far.  Perhaps, you can keep a journal of the problem, and what makes it worse or better.  Bring it to the ophthalmologist on your next visit.
Michael Kutryb, MD
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