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PVD and Heavy lifting

Dear Doctor, 
Let me summarize my problems so far and the issues that I have now:
 2 months back I suffered a blow to my left eye, had persistent pain after 4 days, seen by the Opthalmologist, Dx with mild iritis and treated with appropirate drops, pain resolved over 7 days, had a recheck of the eye and everything was fine.
18 days back, suffered a minor trauma to the left eye, did not get evaluated immediately, had mild discomfort for a day or two and it got resolved.
At no pont did I have any changes in vison.
7 days back, I noticed sudden increase in floaters gradually with small flashes of light that did not subside and 2 days back, I got evaluated by the opthalmologist again who is also a retinal specialist. He dilated both my eyes as I was not able to pinpoint the floaters and flashes and informed me that both my retinas looked absolutely fine with no holes, tears or hemorraghesor detachment. He did attribute my symptoms to PVD which he described might have been due to my inital trauma that caused some inflamation and subsequent liqufication of the vitreous gel. He informed me that I could continue my activites as normal.
 Today morning when I was exercising , I was performing abdominal crunches with a lot of weights and had a sudden sharp pain to my left eye that lasted a few minutes. I stopped the crunches immediately and was scared to participate in any more excerises. 
I have not noticed any change in vision (20/20, both eyes) eventhough I have some mild discomfort. No increased floaters or lights other than what I have already been experiencing.  
Also I am a healthy 40 year old male with no signifcant issues. Last week was the first time I used Viagra, before the floaters started. My questions: 
1. Am I at increased risk for detachment because of excersise, or can I continue to participate in lifting heavy weights?
2. What could the pain signify?
3. Any chance these symptoms could be due to the Viagra? Can I continue to use any kind of ED meds?
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1. Not any more than the next person since your retina doctor cleared your eyes
2. Don't know, but not your retina or PVD. Probably from the original injury
3. Possibly, though it tends to cause yellow or blue light. If any of your activities after taking the viagra involved "hitting" your eye, then that would be related to the viagra, but otherwise no
4. You may continue to us the ED meds as long as your vision remains ok.
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Dear Dr,

Thanks for your comments. I was looking for reassurance and I you provided me with that.
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