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PVD and Scotomas

I am highly myopic. After my retinal specialist checkup, I started to notice a scotoma in my left eye. The scotomas started to multiply. Now, after a week I have 10 of them. I went to an emergency and visited two doctors. The first doctor said she can notice a vitreous traction because of a PVD and that after the vitreous detach it will resolve on its own. The second, retinal specialist, said my vitreous has already detached and that the scotomas I see are due to the detachment and will be permanent, but my brain will adjust to ignore them. But I am afraid he understood I was complaining about floaters.

I notice that the scotomas become smaller when I lay down. I also researched on the internet, that when a PVD occur and doesn't detach properly, it may pull the retina in some parts. Can It be the case? I got around 10 new scotomas in 1 week. Does it really mean those scotomas may be permanent? No doctor performed an OCT. What do you think is the case in your experience?

Thank you.
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No a PVD would not cause 10 different scotomas.  If what you are calling scotomas "move" i.e. when you move your eyes rapidly left to right up to down these things move then that are not scotomas but opacities in the vitreous.  If they do not move and you have seen a retina specialist and your retina is normal then you would need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. You would need several tests including visual fields and amser grid testing.

So the key thing is whether this move within the eye or are stationary.

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It is stationary. And is everyday more. Scotomas altho are very small. It started a week ago. A doctor found a retinal tear and laser it. But no doctor saw what those scotomas could be. I think that the doctor mistaken them for floaters when I was describing them. But they did not perform OCT. Only a check up with the lamp. I was insisting i see scotomas and since my history of degenerative myopia i am able to recognize a blind spot, they said is all ok.

My retina is not normal since i am very highly myopic, but they didnt see any nee changes or activity in the retina. But surely there is!?

Any suggestion to help the doctors find the problem?

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Since they don't move and there are several of them you would need to have a multifocal chorioretinitis, optic neuritis or neurological problem of the visual part of the brain checked.

I would suggest a neuro-ophthalmologist or a comprehensive ophthalmologist.

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