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Pain, blurred vision in one eye only

I'm a 35 yr old male in good health. I've never had vision problems until spring of 2008. Around that time I started having trouble focusing. I went to an ophth. who issued me a presc. for farsightedness. He said that the physically great shape of my eyes allowed me to compensate for it without glasses.

Summer 08 I had extreme eye allergies. Redness, watering, and couldn't keep them open if I was outside (I'm in Houston). After a month those symptoms passed. Then I noticed that my eyes were still troubling me although the redness, itching and such was gone. It was just my left eye. The vision in that eye continues to deteriorate. It's getting blurrier and blurrier. It still takes in the same amount of light, but it's now drastically different from my right eye.

The right eye can see fine without glasses most of the time. My left eye pretty much can't read anything at any distance. I've been to three ophthalmologists and they're all stumped. After 3 slit-lamp exams, being dialated, pressures checked etc...there's still no diagnosis.

Here's the symptoms (all in the left eye):
- intense light sensitivity
- Constant dull pain, varying in intensity
- Occasional severe shooting (the kind that forces you to stop what you're doing and clutch your face) which passes within seconds
- Occasional irritation (itchy/burning) on the lower-outer side of the left eye or on the front (that's where it feels like anyway)
- VERY blurred vision
- occasional cheekbone pain and pain in the top of the head on the left side
- pain is present when I and all throughout the day. It only subsides when I lye down with my head on the left side, or with cold air/cold water.

I've done a round of 40mg of doxicycline via tablets; antibiotic drops; steriod drops; and the warm compresses etc. I pretty much don't use the left eye anymore. It's getting to where pretty soon I won't be able to drive or do my job.
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My first concern is the blurred vision.  If the vision corrects normally in the office then you have some fluctuation of vision which could be due to a poor tear film, dry eyes, and lid margin disease.  In other words, have you lost vision or does the vision just get blurry sometimes?  Often when there is irritation in the eye accompainied by intermittant blurred vision, it is related to the corneal surface and tear film.  It is also possible that you have two totally separate conditons, one with blurred vision (possibly just needing stronger glasses and more artificial tears) and a second condition with fleeting pain and discomfort in the face (trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headache, migraines, sinusitis, post herpetic neuralgia or other possible causes.)
I would be tested in detail for dry eyes, basement membrane disease, lid margin disease and ocular allergies.  Punctum plugs, oral flax and fish oil, restasis eye drops and frequent artificial tears may be in order.  Lid cleansing products like ocusoft original scrubs may helpful for select cases.  Have your doctor look closely for demodex follicularis mites on the eyelashes as well.  I hope your doctor can unravel the mystery here and get you some relief.  Good Luck.

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