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Pain around eyes.

I recently read someone else's post that is similiar like mine, but the the answer she got is not what I have. I have been playing video games for some time and which I think that may have caused my eye pain. The outer corner of both eyes hurt when I blink. It feels like it is bruised. Not when I open them or keep them closed. When I close my eyes tight it hurts more and when I touch the area, it hurts more also. The pain started with my right eye, which lasted about a day. The next day it felt better, but not completely. The day after that my left eye started hurting like my right eye had 2 days before. The next day my right eye had started hurting again and my left eye remained hurt. Only when I blink. It has been about 7-8 days since I first felt the pain, and since then I put eye drops in, because both eyes were feeling extremely dry. The dryness has gone but the pain has not. I stopped playing video games and watching TV for the past 3 days and my eyes still continue to hurt. I have also gone to see my doctor (not eye doctor) and she does not know what it is, but mentioned it might be from having laser surgery on my cheeks and chin for the removal of tumours. But the dermatologist did not get near my eyes during the procedure. I have tuberous schlerosis, but I don't think that that has anything to do with the eye pain I have, because I have never had this problem with my eyes before. Do you know what I have? Do you know what I can do to reduce the pain I'm feeling? Thank you.
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You need to go and see an ophthalmologist.  You may very well have dry eye keratopathy which has been worsened by playing video games. Until your appointment, use artificial tears such as genteal or thera tears every hour or so.  You obviously need a complete eye exam to see exactly what the problem is.  Good Luck.

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