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Pain in eye Muscles and Veins beneath left eye

I had a Lasik surgery in 2004.  I had -5.75 in left eye.

After that for 2 years i had a good vision and no pain but dryness.I had to put two drops of lubricating 4-5 times a day.

But in sept-08 ,when i put Genteal lubricating drops ,i got some allergy or infection in my eyes.I got it treated thru putting "Anti oxidants"(Tetracycline hydrocloride) drops for some 5-6 days.

But this created a tightening of ligaments ,muscle spasms and constant pain in the nerves beneath my left eye.
Is this an eye twitch or Blephorospasm?This has been now goin on from 3 months?will this be permanent?

I could not now put lubricating drops due to this even if having dryness.Putting drops would create additional pain in the nerves and stretch the nerves.Working on computers and travelling outside is still next to impossible.
This has got me nightmares and totally hampered my confidence.

Could you please suggest me a suitable solution or any operation required? I had consulted an opthlmologist but they could not find the root cause for this nor they could find any solution.

It would be highly thankful if you could guide me in this case.
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If you are constantly blinking a squezing the eyelid muscles, you could have essential blepharospasm.  You first need very aggressive management of your dry eyes with lubricants, puntal plugs. oral flaxseed and fish oil. possible restasisis, possibly dry eye sunglasses in the day to keep moisture in and wind out, possible moisture goggles at night.  After all the things tried, you should see a neuro-ophthalmologist to see if you have blepharospasm and look into possible Botox treatments if you do indeed have blepharospasm.  You will get better but need the best ophthalmologists to get you there.

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Thanks doctor for the reply.

But could you clarify a more please on use of lubricants.I use generally carboxymethyl cellulose sodium lubricants.Now I have to put them 5-6 times (3 drops at a time) even if the pain is there in veins.I have to live with it.
If i put genteal gel(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) then there is less pain in veins but the veins tend to stretch a lot and they dont subside.

I cant put one lubricant at a time since it causes the swelling in veins.This can be seen on the outside of the skin beneath the eye.

Even when i sleep in the night i get a constant pain like if there is a lot of weight on the one nerve which comes thru nose and goes circular beneath the eye.I also get pain in nerve behind the eye in head portion(This used to be before also but it was sustainable)

Is it some kind of allergies which is goin on with lubricants?

Should i continue to put lubricants even if it pains in the vein?

Also the Circular portion in the muscles beneath the eye tends to halt at a certain point and pains .I could feel the veins being constantly stretched ,paining and a burning sensation makes the portion beneath the eye --red.
Even when i open my mouth i get a pain in the muscle spasms as if there is some swelling inside.

I had to literally resign from my job since i could not work on computers due to lot of pain in veins which would also make difficult to talk.

I have to take steroids(sodium betamethasone).This is the only medicine that subsides the pain around 50-60% and i could take my day through.

Doc,Could you suggest some possible operation or solution or taking some vitamins would help?

I had consulted a neurophysician but he said he could not find something on a clinical note.

Again thanks for your timely reply.

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Dear DShah1983,

I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to determine the cause of your symptoms.  There are additional treatments for the diagnoses that you may have.  If you need the name of an alternative eyeMD, please seek the AAO.org www site and seek the find an eyeMD section.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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