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Pain on top of eye ball

I am a 58 yr old female and wear bifocals but have fairly good vision, no blurred vision at all.  I have had my eyes checked by an opthamologist twice, had a sinus cavity scan, and they tell me my eyes look healthy.  My right eye
has no problems at all.

Several years ago my left eye lid began twitching.  For the record I do use a computer all day and some at home.
The twitching gets bad and then gets better, comes and goes.  But I have some pain that seems to be on top of the
eyeball.  And my head will ache around the left outside edge of the eye.  Sometimes I will press on top of the eye
and a quick sharp pain will hit, almost like I touched a nerve.   I touch it sometimes and it feels like the pain shoots
down thru the middle of the eye.   There is a constant feeling of soreness in the top of this eye.  And occasionally I
don't even have to touch it to feel a pin ***** pain.  I keep thinking it is a pinched nerve of some kind.  I touch the
right eye and feel nothing at all so I know something is wrong with the left eye.

Any advice?  Thanks

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Have an evaluation for things like thyroid eye disease, dry eye syndrome, superior limbal keratoconjuctivitis, scleritis, episcleritis, uveitis, keratitis and trigeminal neuralgia for starters.  Use artificial tears several times a day and try oral omega 3 fish oil supplents and a multivitamin.  See an ophthalmolgist for a complete exam.
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