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Painless Bump on EyeBALL


I'm 15 and I can feel this tiny bump on my eyeball through my eyelid.  It's freaking me out, and I've been looking all over online, and I found one description that really fits what's happening to me on Yahoo! Answers: "I Have this tiny bump on my left eye ball on the top left side under the eye lid, i don't know what it is i just can feel it to high up to see it, anything to worry about?  I can't even see it i have to close my eye and roll my eye down to even feel it. its a tiny bump under the lid on the eyeball."

There's no pain or anything, but the fact that there's a bump on my eye is really worrying me!! I'm probably overreacting, but it's not cancer or anything life-threatening or something that could make me blind right?

I do have pretty bad eyesight (nearsightedness).  The bump is on my right eye, which has a droopy eyelid (it's always been like that, not a new symptom).

So basically, there's this small bump on my eyeBALL(at least I'm pretty sure it's on my eyeball, not eyelid),
and does anyone know what's happening?  I think I might be overreacting, but I feel like I'm in denial that anything could be wrong, so unless it's still there a week from now, or I start feeling pain or something, I won't say anything to my parents.  Please help me!!

Thank you for any help!!
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Without an exam, it is very hard to say, but my guess is that you have a chalazion in the lid.  This is not cancer, but a blockage of one of the oil glands in the lid.  When the chalazion is chronic, there is no pain or redness.  In that location on the upper outer portion of the right eye, if what you are seeing is on the eye and not the lid, you may be seeing your lacrimal (tear) gland.   To allay your fears, I would schedule an exam with an ophthalmologist
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