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Pale optic nerve 2 year old boy

One of my ex28w twins born 616g saw the ophthalmologist today who said he has 'pale optic nerve' in his left eye..
A bit of his history..
ROP stage 1 in Nicu which resolved on its own
Delayed vision until six months.. Normal vision until 3 months ago when left eye became lazy.. Today observed 'pale optic nerve'
He is having an MRI but I really don't know what this means.. Will it occur in the other eye as well? What caused it? Ophthalmologist said glasses and patching won't help is this correct? Is there any type of surgery to help?
Sorry for so many questions! My little boy has already been through a lot I'm very worried:(
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A pale optic nerve can result from many things.  MRI is definitely the first step.  I would also recommend an evaluation with a neuro-ophthalmologist.  It is not likely that this will affect the other eye, unless your child has an inherited form of optic atrophy.  In general, patching will not help improve vision if the poor vision is due to a structural problem in the eye.  Good luck.  I hope all turns out well.
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