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Panoptix IOL Issues

Left eye had cataract with astigmatism. Hard to see at night so decided to go with a Panoptix IOL to replace my progressive glasses.  Surgery went well with no complications.  It has been 90 days and I'm still having some issues that I'm dealing with.  From day one I've had halos around headlights and sunlight reflecting off chrome.  I also have ghosting around all letters and symbols I read.  About 30 days in I noticed that my eye felt like it had a cataract again.  My surgeon determined that I had some residue in front of my lens at at about 70 days out we did our first YAG laser.  A few days went by and no change.  So one week later I did another YAG procedure and this time it cleared up a lot better.  According to all the charts and test I can see 20/20 out of the eye, but that's not true to what I'm experiencing.  I would like to know if these issues I still have will clear up over time due to adaptation??  My surgeon says it takes a minimum of 6 months for the brain to kick in fully and to give it more time.  I'm trying mentally to be patient and I'm not doing the right eye until this one is working correctly.   Here are my issues after 3 months:  1) Halos around headlights at night, will they go away?  He gave me Pilocarpine drops to try but they don't work.  2) Ghosting around letters and objects, will that go away on its own?  3) I can't read my phone or see my face in the mirror when I'm less than 12" from my face.  I have to hold my phone out about 15" to get maximum focus.  4) Dim lit rooms are to focus on objects. 5) My intermediate distance is off as well.  My computer has to be about 22" from my face to get full focus. Anything less or anything more does not focus well.  6) The other issue I have is that my right eye is so bad, +5.75, that I have to wear my glasses with the left lens removed to see and drive correctly.  So I have one eye with IOL and one eye with prescription lens.  7) If things don't improve at the 6 month mark do I keep waiting, or is LASIK laser an option to fix these problems?  Thanks for any advice as I seek to get more info on what my next steps are.  
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What you need in my opinion is an independent second opinion outside the office of your surgeon. NOW IMPORTANT:  most surgeons don't want to do these type of consults or can't do them. In every large city and all medical schools in the department of ophthalmology there are cataract/IOL/refractive surgery that specialize in unhappy IOL pattients you need to find the one in your area and get a consult there as none of your problems are 'routine'    
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