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(Part 2) Many symptoms, no solutions so far.. Please help..!

I was put to bed at the hospital and was told to go to sleep, but ofcourse I couldn't sleep, as the hours went by I started to regain feeling and power to my legs again, and at about 6 o' clock I was able to walk again, feeling totally healty and fit, the next day we went back for the results of the scans, and they came out as nothing, they couldn't find anything wrong with me, just a little bit too much activity in my brains and a fast heartrate (this I allways have).. but that was it..
That day they wanted me to take a few blood tests too, but the next wake that also came out as nothing..
Even to this day nobody knows what was wrong with me then..

After that I started to develop some sort of photofobia too, I went to the doctor, neurologist, eye doctor and searched all over the internet, but there isn't even the slightest hint of what could've caused it.
There are days when I wake up, it hurts so badly I could scream, and I walk around with sunglasses all day long, and sometimes even sit in the basement or toilet in the dark..
Also since then, my nightvision seems to have improved, although that's not very usefull to me anyway..

Lately I've been feeling kind of weak and out of energy.. I've had about 4 migraines in the last 2 years and I've been sent to a rehabilitation centre for research.. but there's still a waiting list for the next 3 months..
I'm starting to get kind of ******* off because nobody seems to be able to help me or know whats wrong with me..

The last part is at part 3, please stick with me for the last part..
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