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Pathological or Degenerative Myopia

Dear doctors,

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a myopia of left eye -6.25 (-0.75 astigmatism) and right eye -6.50 (-0.25 astigmatism). I would say my power is quite stable over these years (only increased -0.50 over the last 2.5 years). I began wearing glasses since 12 years old and I am now 24. I have floaters but was checked by retina specialist lately and nothing was wrong with my retina. Is my myopia likely to be pathological or degenerative myopia? Or is it just myopia with relatively high degree? Because I have read that not all high myopia is pathological. How can I protect my eyes from becoming more myopic, although it seems that my eyes seem to be becoming more stable? What should I be careful about in daily life to avoid certain eye diseases?

Thank you very much!
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my first glasses were -1.00 both left and right
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You have high myopia but on the low end. Most definitions make high myopia greater than 6 diopters of myopia. Most high myopes don't develop myopic mac degen     There is no way at your age to "stop myopia"   You should lead a healthy life, don't smoke or use cannabis, exercise moderately, watch your weight, have annual physical and eye exams and discuss further with your ophthalmologist.
Thank you Dr Hagan.

I am curious about retinal periphery degeneration and holes. Will a person without periphery degeneration and holes before have them in the future?Have you seen such cases? And why this would happen and can anything to be done to prevent it? (assumed that there is no vitreous traction)
Most often the peripheral degeneration is lattice. Lattice often has small round atrophic holes without vitreous traction (saw one in office today) and not require treatment. Sometimes the holes close themselves, most don't. There is no way to prevent lattice degeneration.
Would someone without peripheral degeneration before develop it some day? And would extensive computer work (I am a postgraduate and will work in a accounting firm soon) increase any risk of retinal disease or eye disease?
Yes lattice can develop in anyone as they get older but no way to prevent. Extensive computer work and screen time is the primary reason for the epidemic levels of myopia in the world. However computer use not increase risk of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or retinal degeneration central or peripheral.
Is there known cause for such degeneration or is it kind of natural?
My retinal specialist tell me that I have' tigroid fundus'. Is this something to be worried about? Will it affect my retina health?
This happened just now! When I was about to lie down on my bed, I missed my pillow and the back of my head hit the wall (not very hard but painful for the instance). Will this make me have retinal detachment???
Owen: I'm not your personal physician. You have asked 14 questions which I have patiently answered. All of them would be better answered by your personal physician. I am going to stop answer questions after this post.  A "tigroid fundus" is nothing to worry about. I told you several times there is no known cause of lattice degeneration. When something happens now call your personal physician. I just don't have time to answer the same questions. Best of luck.
Sorry for botherung you, Dr Hagan. Thank you for your patience.
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