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Perfect Vision Quite Imperfect in Crystalens Eye


I am 51 and had a Crystalens HD implanted in one eye in July, 2009.  I test 20/13 and plano in that eye; yet beyond 100 feet or so, my vision in that eye is blurry.  When they test me on the 20/15 line at the doctor's office, I read it perfectly and quickly.  My reading ability is also pretty good in that eye, about 20/30 or so.

If I hold a .5 D lens up to the eye, it clears up my distance vision, but my near vision becomes very blurry.  My doctor says that a lens provides a telescopic effect, not a correction.  He does not believe that anything can be done.  I get the feeling that he thinks that I am just being finicky, but the blurriness is substantial.

Is there any hope for a remedy?  Do I have "higher order aberrations?"

Thank in advance.
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If you did have higher order aberrations, not to be negative, but I'm not sure what you would be able to do for it other than have wavefront guided laser vision correction which you don't need and which could easily make you much worse.  If the minus 0.50 lens makes you better then you could easly get a glasses prescription to wear when you are driving especially at night to give you that last little bit of improvement that you want.  In the meantime make very sure that you address any dry eye problems that might be present. Have a corneal topography and if possible a wavefront analysis.  I suspect that a small amount of astigmatism may be to blame and it would show up on the topography.  All in all you are doing SUPER GREAT so take heart that you are much better than most - while, of course not perfect.  Your surgeon did a really great job from what you say.  Finally, if your pupil is a little larger than average, that could increase spherical aberration which would explain why the minus 0.5 lens helps.


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Do you have only one Crystalens HD or two?  Is your vision consistent in both eyes?
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Just one.  Mostly it works like monovision: my Crystalens eye is good at near and my natural eye is good at distance.  Some days I can't suppress the blurriness of the Crystalens eye with both eyes open.
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