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Peripheral shadow after retinal surgery

Hello. I am reposting this question! I am 28 year old female and after 2 unsuccessful attempts to repair detached retina by pneumatic retinopexy, had surgery with vitrectomy and scleral buckle on the left eye. My macula was on and prognosis was good.
I am post op 2 weeks but I'm seeing a long blind spot at the location of detachment which is the left side of my left eye. And there are some flashes/flickers. I brought it up to my surgeon who said it's just a gas bubble because I have 2 big bubbles in my eye. And he said everything looks well and he will see me in 2 weeks. The bubble is gone now. But this blind spot doesn't seem to go away and seems to move up the wall of the eye.

Anyone else have this problem?
Thank you!
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If it moves it's probably a very small bubble that may be difficult to visualize.  If it was a scar on the retina or the retina re-detaching it would not move.
Thank you so much for the answer.
It is like a black line that encircles the left side of the eye. And it seems to expand upward little by little but doesnt move otherwise. (Only moves little with my eyeballs movement.)

It could also be a vitreous strand/opacity/floater.  The important things are the retina and macula remaining attached and recovery of good central vision. Do remember your other eye is at high risk of RD (5-10%) and have regular medical eye exams by your ophthalmologists (retina and comprehensive).
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