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Peripheral shadow

I posted a few months back about a translucent type shadow in my peripheral that is mainly noticed in bright areas, and near white surfaces. Since then that spot has turned into a wave like appearance all along the bottom of my eye and up the side. Right eye only and peripheral vision only. I have went to 3 different eye doctors where they performed numerous tests, pictures of my eye, OCT scans, visual field tests, etc. I went to a retina specialist for more pictures and a dilation. I saw my neurologist who sent me for a MRI, MRV and a MRA. Everything has come back normal.

I am running out of options here and slowly starting to really get worked up over this. Any suggestion after all these negative exams on what this can be?

The last eye Dr I saw recommended me possibly going for vision therapy, thinking it might be connected to visual snow.
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Hi. I have this too. Started in my right eye nasally and is now in both eyes nasally, temporally and across the bottom. The border is like a thin dark ripple or corrugation and the shadow is a medium grey and looks exactly like an actual shadow an object would cast. I see it best against white walls. such as my bathroom. My retina specialist is stumped. I have so much anxiety as this is progressing and I have no idea what is causing it or what it even is.  
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