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Phosphene flashes in the dark after cataract surgery

I recently had cataract surgery and now have phosphene flashes in one eye when in a dark room and moving my eye or turning over.  Dilated eye exam shows nothing wrong.  What could it be?
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Better vision and increased retina sensitivity following surgery. People often see floaters after surgery and grey hair and wrinkles they could not see before the surgery.  Read the section in wikipedia. com on entoptoic phenomena
Thank you!  I only see these phosphenes in the dark.
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That is when your retina is the most sensitive. Eye has 3 ambient light systems:  bright light:  photopic system  twilight; mesopic system    dark: scotopic system   this is 1000 times more sensitive than photopic.  As I said read the wikipedia entry on entopic phenomena.
Thanks Dr. Hagan.  Will this ever resolve?  Should I be worried about it?  it is disconcerting, to say the least even though these flashes are brief but very brilliant!  In the shape of a pressure phosphene, but i am not touching my eye.
Discuss it with your surgeon.  Normally people are not aware of these types of problems 3-6 months post op.  Rarely is it permanent.
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