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Photosensetive eyes :[

I'm a schizophrenic and taking medication called Amisulipiride 300mg/day.
The treatment is working well since beginning.  However I have developed sensitive eyes to light regularly.  It occurs anytime.  Any lights on ceilings (supermarkets, swimming pools etc.) cause me to panic and want to close my eyes.  A secondary sensation is that my eyes want to lock and roll upwards, focusing very difficult.  My eyes do not roll totally up, just as far as they will go naturally. Also my vision goes blurred and difficult to see far away objects.The panic or photosensitive eyes last from anywhere between 1 hour and 8 hours unless I take Lorazepam 2mg. Yes I get anxious and panicy as well when i have my eyes go sensetive to light. As you can imagine, it is deeply distressing and hinders my work performance.

MedHelp, yes I need your help to get rid of this problem.  
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There are multiple reasons for light sensitivity; the treatment depends on the cause.  I would recommend a complete exam with an ophthalmologist to determine the cause.  
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