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Pink Eye

I have pinkeye that was not healed for a month, even though I was treated by a prescried antibiotic eyedrop by my family doctor.

At the begining, both eyes were very red, and when I tried to put the contact lens back, it irritated immediately and caused severe pain for a few minutes, which subsided eventually. I never had wore the contact lens since then.   During the antibiotic treatment for a month, they were improved to an extent that it now hardly causes any irritation or pains, and they never had swallen or nor there had been no affect on my eye vision and that the redness became very minimum. However, they have not been healed completely.

I am waiting for an appointment with an eye specialist, which is a two-month long waiting list.  I am worried that during this period, my eyes get worse, now that the doctor stoped prescribing me with the antibiotic drop. Is there anyway of dealing with this problem until I get to see the eye specialist?  I am also using the over-the-counter eye drop, which seems to be effective to remove the redness to some extent.  

p.s. I continued to use the makeup power, which may have been contaminated with the bacteria. Now I got rid of all the makeup and facial cream. Would that help?

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If you had pink eye conjunctivitis (classic), it was caused by a virus, not a bacteria. Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually in one eye only. Antibiotics are often prescribed but only to avoid a "superinfection" which I have never seen happen with or without antibiotics for my 30 years in practice. They are not usually needed actually.

Since you are getting better, I advise using preservative free artificial tears 2 to 4 times a day. Avoid drops which "take the red out" on a routine basis as eyes can get dependent on these then the redness is really hard to deal with.

Mascara should be used fresh every 3 months but all other makeup is OK to use.
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If there is active infection beyond 3 weeks, it's not pinkeye. However, severe corneal viral infections with pinkeye can leave some longer term effects. There is no active infection but the cornea is left with some tiny post-viral "dots" which are self limited but may cause sensitivity to light or contacts. If you really have recurrent infection, it is probably a chronic low-grade staph infection.

At this point, do what Dr. Joan Pernoud suggested with preservative free tears, limit contact lens wear, and try scrubbing your eyelids nightly with an eyelid cleanser like Ocusoft. Or you can put ONE DROP of baby shampoo in 1 OUNCE of water and use that on a cotton ball to gently wipe over your eyelids especially where the eyelashes enter the skin.
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I would discard all make-up that touched the eye...such as mascara, eye liner, eye shadow...thats what I do everytime my eye flares up, well the eye liner, I just sharpen down, and I use new brushes for the eye shadow, just incase the bacteria got into the make up...to prevent further contamination.
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