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Please help me diagnose my eye condition.

If you need to see pictures then let me know how and I will send them to you.

- itchy (severely at times), burning/stinging feeling just right below my eyebrow but reaches my eyelid and eye corners
- the burning sensation mimics that of just having broken skin through trying to pop a pimple or something (or like sun burn because the burning lingers on)
- itchy eye lashes
- watery eyes at times
- only right eyelid/brow is affected
- eyelid/brow is swollen slightly and there are visible scar-like patches running down the center of my eyelid from the brow to my lashes
- patches are big near the brown but small near the lashes
- patches look like skin that have been burned or eaten by something!

- what started as a burning redness or irritation feeling between my right eyebrow and eyelid turned into visible bumps (yellowish with surrounding redness; just one nearest the brow at first like a bug bite), which turned into swelling, which turned into what seemed like or looked like some kind of chemical burn or open scab patches running from my eyebrow to my lashes, to what now looks like patches/skin marks or bruises/scabs/blisters (about 4-5 total) running down my entire eyelid (centered on my eye and growing from the eyebrow to the eyelid). The largest of these things are right below my brow and they get smaller as they reach my lashes. Imaging Hawaii being tattood from my eyebrow to my lashes with the biggest island touching my brow. Get it? Honestly, it looks as if something is eating my flesh, or burning away at my skin, or eating my eyelids up.

- what the heck IS THIS?! Lol seriously, what's going on here?
- Herpes? Allergy? Allergic reaction? Sun burn? Bug bite? Dandruff infection? Bacterial infection? Skin cancer?

Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!
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Call your personal physician office tomorrow and ask to be seen or referred to an ophthalmologist or dermatologist. No way to make a diagnosis based on this description

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