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Possible retinal detactment

  I was at work yesterday and suddenly developed a ton of floaters in my right eye.  I have had floaters before but these were quite a bit more then I normally get.   On the way home from work I noticed flashes on light in my peripheral vision so I suspect a partial tear or tear.   My problem is I retire in 3 weeks and on the first will have completely new insurance,  Is it safe to wait the 10 days to see a doctor and is there something I can do to protect the eye until then.  I have noticed this morning my eye is more blurry then normal.   I work today for 13 hours so can't see anyone until tomorrow if recommended.
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NO IT IS NOT SAFE TO WAIT. You need to see an ophthalmologist today if possible. Those are very high risk symptoms for retinal tear, retinal detachment or vitreous hemorrhage!!
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Thank you, I went to ER who sent me to a ophthalmologist where I was diagnosed with a PVD.  I was told there is nothing they can do about them.  My vision has been affected quite a bit, blurry and the eye always feels irritated now.  I see them again in 2 days to have a follow up and see if it is stable.  All my years of nursing I have never heard of this so chalk it up to one more fun thing about getting older.  Is there anyway to fix my eye?  She says my floaters are huge and right in the center of my eye, I haven't had much success in getting them to shift.
As a retinal detachment patient myself, I hope you are scheduled for additional follow-ups at appropriate intervals. When I had a sudden onset of floaters, I had several followups within a short span of time to monitor for new problems. I developed tears that got lasered, then some weeks after that I experienced severe visual disturbance while driving and learned that my retina had detached--that was before my next scheduled appointment--and I had a successful surgery to reattach it. As I remember there is a certain "textbook" period of time following the onset of symptoms such as yours when the eye should be frequently checked by the physician, plus you should be super vigilant yourself about any changes you perceive. Great that you will be examined again in two days! Best wishes.
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The dr will probably respond shortly but I want to tell you to get in to an ophthalmologist asap (call now) and consider this as an emergency.  Can’t see an ophthalmologist ...then go to ER.  If detected quickly the surgery to repair may not be as invasive and your vision saved.   This cannot wait to be checked out, I have been through this twice once in each eye.  Best of luck.
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I totally agree. Needs to be checked today.  
Agree here too with xltjim and Dr. Hagan, the health of your eyes is simply too important to wait on.
It's unanimous.  Please let us know what the Eye MD found.
Thanks, I took your advice and went to er.
What were the findings? Please post for others reading this conversation. Thanks
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