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Post Orbital Surgery( Still Seeing double)

     I had a Orbital surgery exactly 6 weeks and a day ago from this date to repair a blow-out fracture and I still seem to have double vision. Granted it has gotten better from the first two weeks after surgery but it has also seemed like the progression of healing has stopped. When I look up and down it is doubled and I also have noticed that while looking in the mirror my eye seems to just stop. I have to wear glasses to begin with and my Opthomologist cleared me a couple days ago to wear contacts again. But still All they say is that I will have to wait 6 months, What if it doesn't heal by then? or what if im stuck with this double vision forever, is there anyway to fix that? I geuss my main concern is if I will have to undergo surgery again because it has not gotten any better since the first couple weeks like I said.
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Did you have double vision prior to the surgery?  The only thing they could do after the surgery is perform a new CT scan to make sure the muscle is not stuck anywhere.  Otherwise, the muscle could be damaged or swollen and may take up to six months to recover.  Occasionally, if there was enough damage to the muscle itself or significant scar tissue develops around the muscle, you may not recover full motility in all fields of gaze.  Other than a CT scan though to rule out an unlikely trapped muscle, there is nothing else that could or should be done at this time other than wait.

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Actually, 6 weeks is a pretty long period of time..Have no idea why you still see dobkr, but you definitely should go to a doctor. I've read many reviews (http://www.pissedconsumer.com/consumer-reviews/medical-equipment.html) concerning eye surgery, and seeing double is not a right thing to experience after the operation

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